Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seven Laws of Attraction -- 7 Tips

These days it seems that everyone is talking about "the Seven Laws of Attraction". Many have tried applying it with great success while others have not. If you are one of those who have not been successful at applying it to your own life or have yet to try it for yourself, then I will give you seven secrets that have helped me to manifest great success in my own life

1.) Become aware. Look at how your emotions effect the way you view others and interact with them. Are you ruled by your emotions? Many people are controlled by their feelings but it doesn't have to be that way. Believe it or not you can choose how you feel at any given moment and changing how you feel can completely change your experiences.

2.) Claim your power by having joy and being grateful. If you sincerely want to see positive changes in your life then realize everything that you have to be happy and grateful for. By taking control of your emotions you are taking control of your life. When you become a positive influence to those around you things begin to change in a positive way.

3.) What do you want? Figure out what it is that you want in your life more than anything else. This may seem hard at first and if you are having difficulty then, by all means, ask for inspiration while feeling good about it and the answer will come to you.

4.) Ask for it and believe that it already on its way. Have faith that you will receive that which you desire above all else to the point of being happy and grateful for having it in your life. Visualize yourself as already having it. Release it and go on about your daily life being happy grateful.

5.) Never dwell on the past. Think about now and be grateful for all that is to come. When we dwell on the past we are only renewing old ways of thinking that keep us from getting that which we truly want. Be happy and grateful for your present and all of the good things you are now attracting into your life.

6.) Receive it gratefully. Always feel happy and grateful when you receive what you asked for into your life and each time it will become easier.

7.) View problems as challenges and lessons to be learned while on the path to reaching your greatest potential.


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