Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seven Laws of Attraction - Vulcan Secrets

Taking Spock's Advice to Heart

Vulcans, known for their "Live long and prosper" expression, reportedly live over 200 years. Their life is prosperous because they follow the tenants of logic and reason. For humans long life would be about 100 years and prosperity would be defined by happiness. Follow the steps below to
live long and prosper.

Live Long by Eating Well. While scientists can't agree on the best diet, they can agree that fruits and vegetables are beneficial in any diet. Research suggests Mediterranean diets rich in colorful fruits, vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, and fish promote healthy aging. Those living in Mediterranean countries (Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Israel ) have high average life spans. Also, the Seventh-Day Adventist vegetarian diet contribute to longer life. On average, Seventh-Day Adventists living in California live 10 years longer than other Americans.

Live Long by Getting Fit. Recent studies show that regular exercise is one of the best predictors for living a long life. Exercisers live about 6 years longer than non-exercisers. Regular fitness is good for the heart, lungs, and strong bones.

Live Long by Choosing Good Habits. The likelihood of death increases with risk factors like obesity, excessive drinking, and smoking. Don't actively cut your life short with these bad habits; instead add years to your life with healthy behaviors.

Prosper with Optimism. Faith seems to be a strong indicator of longevity. In fact, clergymen and nuns are among the longest-lived people. Optimistic people reduce the risk of early death by 50% when compared to pessimistic people. So put on those rose-colored glasses and keep a perpetual smile.

Prosper with Mental Activity. People who live long tend to be engaged in current events and take an active interest in life. If you find yourself becoming withdrawn or isolated, seek out ways to stay connected and keep your brain working. Read the newspaper, complete word puzzles, get Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, join local clubs, and find others with similar interests.

Prosper with Family. Studies show that both women and men will live longer if they have offspring. Getting married also adds years to your life. Single and divorced people don't live as long as married people. At the very least, get a pet. A German study reported that pet owners live longer lives than non-pet owners.

Prosper with Money. The worst health statistics are often found in the populations with the highest poverty. Those who live comfortably have longer life expectancies. Being wealthy with a high stress job is also not the answer. Stress and anger reduce happiness and life expectancy. The best way to live comfortably with low stress is to do what you love. Find work that you enjoy doing so that you can keep that optimistic attitude and live longer.

While we are not Vulcans, we can still take Spock's advice and live long and prosper. Living long without prospering is no fun and neither is prospering without long life. It takes a mental commitment to achieve both. With today's modern resources and collective knowledge it should be easy to make healthy choices and boldly go where our ancestors could not -- long life and prosperity.

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