Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seven Laws of Attraction -- Basic Rules

Law of Attraction For the Layman

To begin, I would like to share with you an old anonymous quote which has been passed down for centuries, you may have heard it before:Be wary of your thoughts, for they become words.

Be wary of your words, for they become actions.
Be wary of your actions, for they become habits.
Be wary of your habits, for they become character.
Be wary of your character, for it becomes your destiny.

The idea presented here is clear: your thoughts are powerful. They are a strong force in this world and determine everything that you are capable of doing. We humans often give very little weight or importance to our thoughts, but why? We have been thinking since the day we were born and those thoughts have brought about almost everything that we own and have accomplished in our lives. Why don't we hold our thoughts in higher regard? We could have anything we dreamed of if we take advantage of this fact.

When you have decided what it is that you want you should spend time imagining yourself having it, anticipate it, prepare for it, accept the fact that it is coming to you and you will suddenly begin noticing new or overlooked opportunities to move forward towards that goal. It's a way of always anticipating what might help you to achieve your goals, while removing negative influences which might dissuade you from striving for what you dream of.

In the end, there is little point or benefit for thinking about your current situation in negative thoughts. It will only prevent you from attaining what you are capable of, and strips you of the abilities and ingenuity necessary for success. Always watch your thoughts as you proceed through the day, and strive to maintain a productive, positive outlook on your life.

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