Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seven Laws of Attraction -- Thoughts and Action

Feeling a state produces that state. The part you play on the world's stage
is determined by your conception of yourself. By feeling your wish fulfilled
and quietly relaxing into sleep, you cast yourself in a star role to be
played on earth tomorrow, and while asleep you are rehearsed and instructed
in your part.

The acceptance of the end automatically wills the means of realization. Make
no mistake about this. If, as you prepare for sleep, you do not consciously
feel yourself in the state of the answered wish, then you will take with you
into the chamber of her who conceived you the sum total of the reactions and
feelings of the waking day; and while asleep you will be instructed in the
manner in which they will be expressed tomorrow. You will rise believing
that you are a free agent, not realizing that every action and event of the
day is predetermined by your concept of self as you fell asleep. Your only
freedom then is your freedom of reaction. You are free to choose how you
feel and react to the day's drama, but the drama - the actions, events and
circumstances of the day - have already been determined.

Unless you consciously and purposely define the attitude of mind with which
you go to sleep, you unconsciously go to sleep in the composite attitude of
mind made up of all feelings and reactions of the day. Every reaction makes
a subconscious impression and, unless counteracted by an opposite and more
dominant feeling, is the cause of future actions.

Ideas enveloped in feeling are creative actions. Use your divine right
wisely. Through your ability to think and feel you have dominion over all

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