Monday, March 2, 2009

Seven Laws of Attraction -- Positive Actions

Awakening the Laws of Attraction For Your Self

Your thought directly affects the reality of your life. If you foresee that something terrible will happen, the natural components of the universe will conspire to bring about that tragedy. If you focus on thinking about the good things, it is only a matter of time before you witness awakening and that wonderful event happen right before your eyes.

For centuries philosophers, scientists, and the great men of our history have discovered amazing laws that govern our lives. These seven laws of attraction determine our successes and failures, victories and tragedies, happiness and sorrow, ignorance and awakening. What many people do not know is that our brain is as potent as our physical bodies. It transcends time and space and attracts or repels all sorts of things, good or bad.

Although vaguely supported by Quantum Physics, the seven laws of attraction are acknowledged by many physicists. Our mind emits an energy that attracts whatever it is that we think of. This energy comes in the form of brainwaves which mean they are electrical in nature. The idea behind the seven laws of attraction is to control these brainwaves to our advantage so that they only attract the good things.

It all starts with awakening and knowing exactly what you want. If you have clear-cut picture of that particular thing that you desire the most, you can go ahead and ask the universe to make it happen. Then you start acting as if that thing you desire is well on its way. This requires faith in the capability of the cosmos to deliver anything at your will. The last step is to be open in receiving it. Some people have the tendency to hesitate or second-guess themselves when receiving good things. The secret to achieving positive things in life is to receive and welcome them as they come - with open arms.

Here are the seven laws of attraction that could make things possible in your life:

The Law of Manifestation
The Law of Pure Desire
The Law of Harmony
The Law of Magnetism
The Law of Expanding Influence
The Law of Right Action
The Law of Paradoxical Intent

These seven laws of attraction are an extension of one another and they exist to complement each other. They all need to be applied during the course of your awakening or asking for something. Remember, it is only with pure, uncorrupted intent that you can attract something good.

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