Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seven Laws of Attraction -- Explanation

I hear it all the time... people complaining about their life and their money and their circumstances. They say they understand Law of Attraction and they practice it, but it does not work for them.

What seems to be missing is this. Law of Attraction IS working. It is always working, just like gravity. You cannot turn gravity on and off – and you cannot turn Law of Attraction on and off.
It continues to work in every moment and it simply attracts to you what you are thinking and feeling without judgment of any kind.
Once you understand that, then you can begin to CHOOSE to CHANGE what you are thinking. It is as simple as that.
Even though it may seem that your circumstances are beyond your control, remember… You are creating your reality.

I should back up. First, you must decide whether or not you CHOOSE to believe that you create your own reality and that you are 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life.
If you do not choose to believe this, then you can continue doing what you are doing and continue to get what you are getting.
However, if you DO choose to believe that you are 100% responsible for your experiences, then you have the power to change your experiences.

Forget about everybody else. It is really all about YOU.
When you change YOU, everything around you will APPEAR to change, when really the only thing that changes is YOU and your PERCEPTION of your experiences.
If that makes any sense to you, then I invite you to CHOOSE to change the way you think. It does not matter what is going on around you. You get to CHOOSE to feel good in any moment.

One simple way to do that is to find a thought and feeling that makes you feel really good.. .something from your past that made you very happy.
Think about that memory and allow yourself to FEEL those happy feelings. You can do this any time. Do it regularly.
Gratitude is the highest vibration so you can choose to find something to feel grateful for in any moment and that will change your thoughts and allow you to attract more of what you want in your life.
Whenever something is going on in your experience that does not feel good, CHOOSE to switch your thoughts to that happy memory.. just for a few moments at a time… and find something to be grateful for.

It is like magic. If you do this, you will begin to notice things and people around you APPEAR to change.

Remember, they are not changing… it’s only YOU and your perceptions.
It really is your choice. Continue as you are or CHOOSE to accept 100% responsibility for your experiences and CHOOSE to change your thoughts so that you begin to attract what you really want in your life.

Laws of Attraction are simple:

1. Ask for what you want
2. Be open to receive, allow and be grateful

That's it!

Once you understand and accept that Laws of Attraction are LAWS and are always in effect, then you learn to comply with that by changing your thoughts and feelings REGARDLESS of what is going on around you.

My husband calls it "carrying your sunshine with you."

CHOOSE to feel good ... and see what happens!

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